Audio File Toolbox for Logic Pro

*This App is discontinued, developing it required hardcoded links to apps. Which made it difficult to maintain as external applications were updated. The app still works as of writing but will not be updated further unless I have a chance to compleatly re-write it in a more dynamic way. If you want to use this app please use the serial number 38982432*

Why did you make this?

I use Logic Pro X to mix independent films and I regularly use at least two separate destructive editors. One for noise reduction and spectral repair, and another for more general tasks like EQ. In Logic to switch between two editors required me to go into the preferences and switch it round, which take a little bit of time. Not what I wanted when trying to get through hundreds of audio files. So I built this application to help.

How do I use this application?

Just set Audio File Toobox for Logic Pro as Logic Pro’s external sample editor. Found in Logic Pros Preferences under “Auido > Audio File Editor.” Please see the video below for a visual guide.

Can my favourite audio editor to be added?

If you would like to see another audio editor added to this application. Please send me an email and I will try to test and add the editor in to the next version.

Can this App be used with other DAWS then Logic Pro and Logic Pro X?

If the DAW has a open in external editor option, it should I theory work exactly the same. But I have not tested this. If you would like to see support for more DAWs send me an email.

What does DAW stand for?
Digiatal Audio Workstation. Like Logic Pro or Pro Tools.

How will I recive updates?

The app will notify you of new updates when they are available.

Soundtrack Pro keeps trying to save my audio as a .STAP file

In Soundtrack Pro you may need to “Flatten the audio file” before saving to avoid it being saved as a Soundtrack Audio Project File, which cannot be read by Logic Pro. Please see this page in Apple’s documentation.

iZotope RX wants me to save my CAF files in a different format.

iZotope RX can read but not save .CAF files. I am looking into solutions for this, for now you will have to save and re-import the audio manually.

I have another question or feature request.

Please send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.