AutoSave for Logic/Soundtrack Pro

*This App is now available free of charge, the app still works fine as of writing but I have been using Logic Pro X for a few years now and its implementation of autosave is excellent. I highly recommend upgrading to it. As such, I have not been using this application. There still seems to be many users of the older Logic and Soundtrack applications out there, so I am making this free and will release an update with the demo limitations and registration system stripped out when I get a chance. In the mean time, If you want to use this app please use the serial number 67058606

Thanks to everyone who had purchased it previously, it proved to be a lot more popular then I expected! Any support issues I will still respond to, but cannot guarantee a time frame for fixing issues.*

How Does it work?

AutoSave for Logic Pro runs in the menu bar and watches to see when Logic/Soundtrack Pro is open. When it see's that logic is open it will issue a save command at intervals defined in the setup app. 

Does it work on Mac OSX 10.6?

Currently No, I am trying to add 10.6.8 support for a future version.

How will I recive updates?

The app will notify you of new updates when they are available. 

How do I turn off save notifications?

Open the System Pefrences application, find the notification center section, find Logic Pro Autosave in the application list and disable it.

Im getting notifications saying "Save Command Sent via Key Command Fallback. Please enable Acessability Accesses."

AutoSave for Logic Pro sends save commands using Apple Events, however should this fail it will use a fallback method where it simply simulates pressing command S. While this works its not the most reliable method.
If your getting this message please check that you have enabled Assistive Access for AutoSave for Logic Pro or Soundtrack Pro. To do this….

In Mac OSX 10.9 and above

Go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy, then click on the Privacy Tab. In the list of icons on the right hand side find and click “Acessability.” Then in the list of apps check “AutoSave for Logic Pro or AutoSave for Soundtrack Pro”

In Mac OSX 10.8 and below

Go to System Preferences > Acessability 

Check “Enable Assistive Access.”

If this does not fix this notification please send me an email for support.

I am getting a pop up saying AutoSave for Logic/Soundtrack Pro could not send a save command.

If AutoSave for Logic Pro cant save via an Apple Event or the Key command fallback this box will pop up. Please check to see that assistive accesss is enabled as above.

If this does not fix your issues please send me an email for support.

I found a bug or have an Issue/Request.

If you have feedback, questions or are having trouble with the app send me an email for support.