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Loads of Folders Screen Grab v2.6.2

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SHA256 Checksum (zip file) - 7490053c4b5f64d390e7308d1e9cdf2edcf0bcf85cfbadc59a572e962ec0c48b

Price  : £3.00 (Serial Number Delivered via Email)

OS     : macOS 10.7 + Required

FAQ and Help  Changelog

Batch create multiple sequentially numbered folders with a single click.

Just choose a folder name, a spacer, how many you want to create and where.

An unregistered copy of the app is limited to 30 folders.


Batch creation any amount of sequentialy numbered folders.

Start folder numbering from 0 (0 - 42) 1 (1 - 42) or any number. (34 - 42)

Choose any type of space for your folders, such as a dash ( - ) underscore ( _ ) or a standard space. (  )

Use standard numbering (1 - 142) leading zeros (001 - 142) or padded zeros (0001 - 0142) to fit your organisational system.

Loads of Folders Notification Center

Prefixes and Suffixes.

Notification center support.

Rembers your folder creation settings between launches.

Can create up to 9999999 Folders. (So quite a lot.)

Emoji Support. 🦔

Supports Dark Mode in macOS 10.14 Mojave

Experimental Features

Option to create frequently used folders along with you batch folders. Such as a RAW photo folder.

Customer Responses

"Thanks a lot this is such a helpful app.” - Garrett Gosselin

"Your app is a real time saver for me!” - Jill Kinnard

"Your app is a life saver for me on set. Doing photoshoots, and I see some people just shoot to 1 folder and then try and sort though it all later, I have some clients that have names that are very long and being able to make folders ahead of time numbered for shots is great. -  Eric James Wood (Helium14)