Loads of Folders Changelogs

2.6.4 - June 13 2018

-Added Support for macOS 10.14 Mojave

-Added Support for Dark Mode

-Enabled Hardened Runtime

-Added option to send bug report after a crash

2.6.3 - June 4th 2018

- Added Window Resizing Support for new UI


- Added Emoji Button

- Added total folders created with Loads of Folder count to the status box

- Tweaked UI

- Minor bug fixes

- Added Option to share via the Micro.Blog app.

2.6.1 - May 5th 2018

Added Folder Icons to Interface as visual indicator of resulting folders.


Fixed Typos in Dialog Boxes

2.6 - May 4th 2018

-New Registration System 

-Improved User Preferences System

-Demo Folder Limit Increased to 30

2.5.5 - May 3rd 2018

-New Icon

2.5.4 - May 2nd 2018

-Fixed bug that would cause Leading Zeros to be Calculated Incorrectly

-Added Warning if user accidentaly created a negative number of folders

2.5.3 - May 2nd 2018

Added Folder Creation Limit Alert

Stability Improvments

2.5.2 - May 1st 2018

Added Folder Creation Time info to Status Box

Fixed Bug that would casue the app to crash when opening help.

Speed Improvments

2.5.1 - April 30th 2018

Added Specialist Folder Output to the Status Box


Speed Improvments

v2.5 - April 30 2018

Added a Status Box to the Main Window.

Fixed bug that would stop custom spacers from appearing in notifications

v2.4.6 - April 30th 2018

Added Change Notes to the Check for Update Window.

v2.4.5 - April 28th 2018

Changed the “check for update on launch” behaviour from popping up a dialog to displaying a notification center notification to make it less annoying.

v2.4.4 - April 28th 2018

Removed Apple Developer ID for the moment. Since App development is not my main job, and more making tools that I want to use. (+ Making them availble to others) I dont make much money from them. I cant justify the £80 a year for an Developer ID. Getting around to renewing my developer ID was putting me off updating my apps, so ive decided just to release them without it.

To open the app, control click the app. Press “open” in the menu. macOS will then pop up a dialog saying it is from an unidentified developer. Click the open button at the bottom of the window, the app will now run normally on your Mac.

Sorry for any incovenience caused. I may renew my developer account at a future date if I have more time to work on them.

v2.4.3 - April 28th 2018

Modified Auto Update to work with HTTPS

v.2.4.2 - April 27th 2018

*Experemental Feature* Added ”Sound Reports” folder the Specialist Folder Menu.

v2.4.1 - April 27th 2018



*Experemental Feature* Added “Specialist Folder Menu” to add single individualy names folders with the numbered folders.

Fixed bug that would prevent notfication center pop ups on 10.10.1

Added Feedback and Feature Request button.


Updated URLs to corrispond to updated website.

Fixed issue with developer ID signing


Updated App Signing for OS X 10.9


Added Option for adding Padded Zeros to the filename.


Minor Interface Improvements.


Added Support for adding Leading Zeros to filenames.


User can now resize the window for inputting longer filenames.


Redisgned User Interface

Improved Folder Previews

Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite compatability.


Fixes a bug that would prevent the app from launching.


Added Share, Rate and Support menu under the help menu to let users help support the app.


Fixed bug where the Suffix would show in the wrong place in the preview window.

Added a spacer box before the suffix.

Updated user interface.

Now also compatable with 32bit Macs.


Loads of Folders will now remember your previous folder creation settings.






OSX 10.9 Mavericks Support

Fixed bug which would prevent app from launching if update server was down.


10.7 Bugfixes

Improved Notification Center support for 10.8

Improved AutoUpdate


Added Suffix and Prefix options.


Updated interface with added folder name preview.

Fixed a bug where a start point higher then 1 would create too many folders.


Fixes a bug with OSX 10.7 where nothing would happen.


Now shareware.


Added check for update.


Added starting number option.


Initial release.

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