David McKeitch Sound Services Kit

Location Recording Kit

Recorder/Mixer Kit - Zaxcom Maxx, Sennhiser 416, Sennhiser MKH50, Zaxcom TRX743 + Accessories

Wireless Microphone Kit - Zaxcom ZMT3 Kit x2, Sennhiser G3 Kit x4, COS11 Lav Mics x6 + Accessories

Wireless Distribution Kit - Zaxcom IFB Audio Feed/TimeCode Kit x4 + Accessories

Wireless Talkback Kit - Sennhsier G4 Kit + Pinknoise Covert Earpiece or iPod Touch + AirPod Pro.

Post Production Kit

Speakers - Genelec 8010A (Stereo)

Audio Interface - Apogee Duet

Digital Audio Workstations - Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cuebase Pro

Plugins - iZotope Post Production Suite, Altiverb Reverb

Home ADR/Voice Over Booth


✏️ I'm David McKeitch, a sound recordist and sound designer based in Glasgow, Scotland with 15 years of experience working on various styles of projects.


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📞 Phone | 07933423827

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