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DMSS Sound Library

Free downloads of some of the random things I've recorded or designed over the years. On most browsers you can left click to preview and right click to download. I will be slowly adding sounds to this as I dive into the depths of my hard drive.

Most are simple 1 or 2 channel recordings, captured with my location kit while out and about.

All files are free for personal or commercial use in your projects. If you get use out of these feel free to put a link to this page in your credits or donate, but it is totally optional.

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Sound Effects

Beer Can Open 1 | 1Ch, WAV, 48KHZ, 24bit

Phonebox Coin In 1 | 2Ch, WAV, 48KHZ, 24bit

Phonebox Coin In 2 | 2Ch, WAV, 48KHZ, 24bit

Ringing Bowl | 2Ch, WAV, 48KHZ, 24bit

Flat Buzzer Dry INT | 2Ch, WAV, 48KHZ, 24bit

Kettle Boiling 1 | 2Ch, WAV, 48KHZ, 24bit

Large Rattling Metal Door | 1Ch, WAV, 48Khz, 24bit

Large Firework Bang | 1Ch, WAV, 48Khz, 24bit

Zippo Lighter Handling Various | 2Ch, WAV, 48Khz, 24bit



Large Supermarket Ambience, House of Sher, Walla | 2Ch, WAV, 48Khz, 24bit



Spanish Crowd Bullfight Goes Wrong | 1Ch, WAV, 48Khz, 24bit

Scottish Crowd Unhappy Boos | 1Ch, WAV, 48Khz, 24bit

Large Crowd Leaving Concert from Window | 1Ch, WAV, 48Khz, 24bit

Scottish Independence Chant in George Square 2014 | 1Ch, WAV, 48KHZ, 24bit


Slice of Life

Scottish Family playing on cold beach | 1Ch, WAV, 48KHZ, 16bit

Group Singing Auld Lang Syne in Glasgow | 2Ch, WAV, 48KHZ, 16bit

Kenyan Church Choir | 2Ch, WAV, 48KHZ, 24bit

Busker in Dundee with Harmonica | Phone Recording, 2Ch, WAV, 48KHZ, 24bit



Strange Ground Loop Electrical Static | 2Ch, WAV, 48Khz, 24bit


User Interface

iPhone Style Keyboard Sounds | 1Ch, WAV, 48Khz, 24bit



Wadeyhelm Scream | 2Ch, WAV, 48KHZ, 24bit

Actors doing vocal warmups before a show | 1 Ch, WAV, 48KHZ, 24bit


✏️ I'm David McKeitch, a sound recordist and sound designer based in Glasgow, Scotland with over 15 years of experience working on various styles of projects.


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