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App Icon Loads of Folders 4 - Flexible batch folder creation.

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v4.1.2 | OS Support - macOS 11.0 + | CPU Support - Intel (64bit) and Apple Silicone | Price - £1.99

Downlaod on the Mac App Store



Create hundreds of sequentially numbered folders in seconds.

Prefix, suffix and space options.

Leading and padded zeros.

Negative and positive numbers.

Handy preview so you know what to expect.

Dark Mode Support.

Optimized for Apple Silicone.

New in Version 4

Version 4 is a fresh start. Completely re-written with Apples modern tools Swift and SwiftUI for macOS 11 Big Sur. Meaning faster performance and a nicer interface in the short term. And fancy new features in the long term

Now on the Mac App Store for easy updates and access across all your Macs.

Customer Reponses

"I have used LOF for I don't know how many years. for my workflow, having to create at least 50-100 folders a day for organizing data coming in, it has saved me hours upon hours of time. More than time though, it has saved me so much tedious and busy work. For me, the price paid for itself realistically in 1 day of work. Give it a try, you will see in a moment how it will help you if you need it." - App Store User ig88


Versions for older operating systems.


App Icon Loads of Folders 3

v3.0.1 | OS Support - macOS 10.8 + | CPU Support - Intel (64bit) and Apple Silicone (Rosetta)

Not updated to macOS 11 Big Sur or using an older Mac? Loads of Folders 3 is still supported and will continue to receive minor updates and bug fixes.

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App Icon Loads of Folders Classic

OS Support - macOS 7.1 - 9.2.2 | CPU Support - 68K and PPC

Tinkering with really old Macs running the classic macOS? Try my experimental port of Loads of Folders using modified AppleScript code from Loads of Folders 3.

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