David McKeitch Sound Services Kit

Discontiued Apps

Audio File Toolbox for Logic Pro

OS Support - macOS 10.7 + | CPU Support - 64bit Intel | Serial Number - 74291657

Download (v2.0) - audio-file-toolbox.zip

A tool for opening audio files from within Logic Pro in multiple external audio applications.

Discontinued due to requiring hard coded links to the external applications, which would break when the app was updated. I may revisit this idea one day but it would require a totally new app made with a different approach.


Download (v1.1.2) - Swinbar.zip

OS Support - macOS 10.8 + | CPU Support - 64bit Intel

Swinbar is a menu bar app that controls my favorite music player for the mac, Swinsian, using Swinsians built in scripting features.

Discontinued because macOS Big Sir added a good music app control menu, and I switched to using that instead.


✏️ I'm David McKeitch, a sound recordist and sound designer based in Glasgow, Scotland with over 15 years of experience working on various styles of projects.


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