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How does it work?

DAW AutoSave runs in the menu bar and watches to see when you DAW is open. When the DAW is open and the frontmost app it will issue a save command at user defined intervals.

Why did you make it?

The app was originally named “AutoSave for Logic and Soundtrack Pro.” Which was released in 2012. Initially I made it for myself as I used Logic and Soundtrack constantly for my sound work. However sometimes the apps would crash causing me to loose hours of work. Since they did not have autosave built in I wrote AutoSave for Logic and Soundtrack Po.

Realising that others would also have this problem I polished it up and released it as shareware, continuing to sell it for a number of years. But when Apple released Logic Pro X with built in autosave, I decided to make the app free, unfortunately due to commitments with my main job I didn't get many chances to update it.

Despite now being a Logic Pro X user myself I wanted to release an updated freeware version, incase there were still people who could still get some use out of it. Eventually I had some free time to update the app in 2019. But since I had learned quite a bit in the intervening years developing my other App, I got a bit carried away and wound up totally re-writing it, redesigning the interface and adding support for more DAW’s.

Should I download the 32bit or 64bit version?

The 32bit version was made for compatibility with very old Macs. If you are unsure I recommend trying the 64bit version first before trying the 32bit version.

Does the App Support PPC (Extremely Old) Macs?

No, as im not sure if anyone would still be working on hardware that old, but if you would like to see this please send me and email and I will look into making a PPC version.

How will I receive updates?

The app will notify you of new updates when they are available. On systems with Notification Centre support (macOS 10.8 and newer) it will display as a notification. On systems without Notification Centre support it will display as a dialog box.

How do I turn off save notifications?

Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Notification Centre, then find DAW AutoSave in the application list and disable it. Please note that this will also disable notifications for app updates. You can still check manually in the apps menu. I may look into a better way of managing this for a future version.

I am getting notifications saying "Save Command Sent via Key Command Fallback. Please enable Accessibility Accesses."

DAW AutoSave requires scripting permission to run correctly. The key command fallback is used when the standard method cannot be used. Please click “Check macOS Privacy Permissions” in the app menu for more details on how to set scripting permissions on your version of macOS.

I am getting a dialog box saying DAW AutoSave could not send a save command

DAW AutoSave requires scripting permission to run correctly. If both the standard method of sending a save command and the key command fallback fail this dialog box will appear. Please click “Check macOS Privacy Permissions” in the app menu for more details on how to set scripting permissions on your version of macOS.

Can DAW AutoSave be Translated to my Native Language?

Im looking into this for a future version. I need to makes some tweaks to the app to allow me to translate it effectively but its defiantly something I would like to do. If you would like to help translate the app please email me to let me know!


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