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Help and Support / Loads of Folders Changelog

Version 4 Changes

v4.2 - 17th May 2022

- Initial support for other languages

- Polish Translation

- Added "Send Translation Feedback" to help menu. Any feedback on translation very much appreciated! Nie potrafię dobrze mówić po polsku.

v4.1.3 - 6th January 2022

- Updated to macOS12 SDK

v4.1.2 - 10th February 2021

- Fixed Typo

v4.1.1 - 10th February 2021

- Fixed bug that could cause the leading zeros preview to display inaccurately.

v4.1 - 9th February 2021

- Padded and leading zeros settings.

- Positive and negative number settings.

- Added folder creation limit (999999 folders)

- Now autodetects if the user has switched order of start and end number.

- Improved icon squircle. (Thanks Allan!)

v4.0.2 - 6th February 2021

- UI now respects users global accent colour

- Added error checking for invalid characters

v4.0.1 - 5th February 2021

- New icon by Allan Raffel.

v4.0 - 5th February 2021

- Version 4 is a fresh start. Completely re-written in Apples modern frameworks Swift and SwiftUI for macOS11 Big Sur. Meaning faster performance and a nicer interface in the short term. And fancy new features in the long term

- Now on the Mac App Store for easy updates and access across all your Macs.

- Version 3 will continue to receive minor updates and bug fixes so users on older versions of macOS can still use it. See "Version 3 Changes" below for details.

Version 3 Changes

v3.2 - 6th of January 2022

- Loads of Folders 3 is now free to use with optional donation.

- Serial number no longer required required unlock full features.

- Removed preference window, all items relocated to the help and files menus.

- Slight tweaks to the UI to address issues on older operating systems.

- Fixed issue that would cause checking for updates on older operating systems to fail.

- Added menu bar item to buy Loads of Folders 4 from the Mac App Store.

- Added menu bar item to donate to support development.

- Renamed app to Loads of Folders 3 to avoid conflicts with Loads of Folders 4.

- Native Apple Silicone Support

- Support for macOS 11+ accent colours

- Added grayed out text to make it clearer when nothing has been input into the folder creation sections.

v3.0.1 - 12 September 2019

-Minor tweaks to the new interface

v3.0 - 11 September 2019

-Redesigned User Interface

-Folder creation path is now displayed in a path bar at the bottom of your window. And will be remembered between launches.

-Rarely used controls like buy, register and others have been moved to a preferences window. Accessible with the cog button on the toolbar.

-Emoji Picker button no longer requires accessibility access and works more reliably.

-Code improvements for better reliability

-Removed Specialist Folders Feature.

-macOS 10.15 Catalina support.

Version 2 Changes

V2.6.9 - January 15 2019

-Fixed Bug that could prevent the app from launching on some systems.

v2.6.8 - January 11th 2019

-Minor Bug Fixes


- Added Menu Option with guides for checking macOS privacy permissions.


- Added privacy description for apple events access permission in macOS 10.14 Mojave

- Fixed bug that could cause the app to not function on macOS 10.14 Mojave

- Fixed bug that would stop the Emoji button from working in macOS 10.14 Mojave

2.6.5 - September 8th 2018

-Re-enrolled in the Apple Developer Program.

-Updated Developer ID Certificate

-App is now notarised via the Apple Developer Program.

2.6.4 - June 13 2018

-Added Support for macOS 10.14 Mojave

-Added Support for Dark Mode

-Enabled Hardened Runtime

-Added option to send bug report after a crash

2.6.3 - June 4th 2018

- Added Window Resizing Support for new UI


- Added Emoji Button

- Added total folders created with Loads of Folder count to the status box

- Tweaked UI

- Minor bug fixes

- Added Option to share via the Micro.Blog app.

2.6.1 - May 5th 2018

Added Folder Icons to Interface as visual indicator of resulting folders.


Fixed Typos in Dialog Boxes

2.6 - May 4th 2018

-New Registration System 

-Improved User Preferences System

-Demo Folder Limit Increased to 30

2.5.5 - May 3rd 2018

-New Icon

2.5.4 - May 2nd 2018

-Fixed bug that would cause Leading Zeros to be Calculated Incorrectly

-Added Warning if user accidentally created a negative number of folders

2.5.3 - May 2nd 2018

- Added Folder Creation Limit Alert

- Stability Improvements

2.5.2 - May 1st 2018

- Added Folder Creation Time info to Status Box

- Fixed Bug that would casue the app to crash when opening help.

- Speed Improvements

2.5.1 - April 30th 2018

-Added Specialist Folder Output to the Status Box

- Bugfixes

- Speed Improvements

v2.5 - April 30 2018

- Added a Status Box to the Main Window.

- Fixed bug that would stop custom spacers from appearing in notifications

v2.4.6 - April 30th 2018

- Added Change Notes to the Check for Update Window.

v2.4.5 - April 28th 2018

- Changed the check for update on launch behaviour from popping up a dialog to displaying a notification centre notification to make it less annoying.

v2.4.4 - April 28th 2018

- Removed Apple Developer ID temporarily.

v2.4.3 - April 28th 2018

- Modified Auto Update to work with HTTPS

v.2.4.2 - April 27th 2018

- *Experimental Feature* Added Sound Reports folder the Specialist Folder Menu.

v2.4.1 - April 27th 2018

- Bugfixes


- *Experimental Feature* Added Specialist Folder Menu to add single individual names folders with the numbered folders.

- Fixed bug that would prevent notification centre pop ups on 10.10.1

- Added Feedback and Feature Request button.


- Updated URLs to correspond to updated website.

- Fixed issue with developer ID signing


- Updated App Signing for OS X 10.9


- Added Option for adding Padded Zeros to the filename.


- Minor Interface Improvements.


- Added Support for adding Leading Zeros to filenames.


- User can now resize the window for inputting longer filenames.


- Redesigned User Interface

- Improved Folder Previews

- Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite compatability.

Version 1 Changes


- Fixes a bug that would prevent the app from launching.


- Added Share, Rate and Support menu under the help menu to let users help support the app.


- Fixed bug where the Suffix would show in the wrong place in the preview window.

- Added a spacer box before the suffix.

- Updated user interface.

- Now also compatible with 32bit Macs.


- Loads of Folders will now remember your previous folder creation settings.


- Bugfixes


- Bugfixes


- OSX 10.9 Mavericks Support

- Fixed bug which would prevent app from launching if update server was down.


- 10.7 Bugfixes

- Improved Notification Center support for 10.8

- Improved AutoUpdate


- Added Suffix and Prefix options.


- Updated interface with added folder name preview.

- Fixed a bug where a start point higher than 1 would create too many folders.


- Fixes a bug with OSX 10.7 where nothing would happen.


- Now shareware.


- Added check for update.


- Added starting number option.


- Initial release.


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