Loads of Folders

Why did you make this?

After I recording sound on Location, I I like to keep all the audio files organised so the editors will have an easy time of syncing them up. Usually I would organise the files by Slate or Scene numbers. This ment I was regularly creating hundreds of sequentialy numbered folders by hand. So I made this app to help!

How does it work? (Geeky Details)

The app is written in “AppleScript Objective C.” Its mostly written in AppleScript but with a proper macOS interface. It uses the built in AppleScript support of the Finder to create the folders to ensure compatabilty across macOS versions. With custom code to instuct the Finder where/how many folders should be created, what they should be named, calculating numbering of folders and to give the user feedback on the proccess. 

The app is sandboxed for extra security and It will not overwrite existing folders by design to prevent accidental deletion. The app will check for updates over HTTPS on launch but otherwise is compleatly functunal offline.

Do you offer a Demo version?

Yes, the download on the page is a shareware version. When unregistered the App is limited to 30 folders. Buy the app to receive a serial number to register and remove this limit.

How do I pay?

I currently accept PayPal payments and various Crypto Currencies.
Through PayPal the app has a set price, however if you pay with a Crypto Currency such as BitCoin you can choose whatever price you feel it is worth.

After the payment is received I will send a serial number to the address linked to you PayPal Account (If you want it sent to another adress please leave a note when checking out with PayPal) or if you buy with a Crypto Currency, please follow the instructions on the Buy With Crypto Currency page.

After you have received your Serial number, click Register in the main window of the app, enter your serial number, then hit OK. All limits will now be removed.

How will I recive updates?

The app will notify you of new updates when they are available via Notifcation Center. When you see this go to the Loads of Folders menu in the apps menu bar and click Check for Updates to see a list of changes and a download link. All updates are free.

I found a bug or have an Issue/Request.

Select Send Feedback or Feature Request from the Help menu in the menu bar. Or email me directly.

Will the App even interrupt me to ask for ratings?
Nope, however if you are enjoying using the app, a rating on MacUpdate or a share on Twitter woud be much appreciated. Go to the Help menu then Share or Rate for links to MacUpdate or to post a Tweet.

How do I use Emoji’s in Folder Names?

Click where you want your Emoji to go. Then click on the Edit menu in the menu bar. Select Emoji & Symbols and choose your Emoji of choice. My favourite has to be the 🦔.

Can Loads of Folders be Translated to my Native Launguage?
Im looking into this for a future version. I need to makes some tweaks to the app to allow me to transate it effectively but its defiantly something I would like to do. If you would like to help translate the app email me to let me know!

I lost my Serial Number, how can I get a new one?

Please see this page.

My Serial Number is not working?
Users who purchased prior to version 2.6 will need a new serial number. Click here to request a replacement.