David McKeitch Sound Services Kit

Help and Support / Older Versions of Supported Apps

Loads of Folders v3.2

OS Support - macOS 10.8 + | CPU Support - 64bit Intel / Apple Silicone

Download - loads-of-folders.zip

Loads of Folders 4.0+ require macOS 11 Big Sur or higher. Version 3 will continue to receive bug fixes and minor updates for some time for users who have not yet upgraded.

Loads of Folders v2.6.9

OS Support - macOS 10.7 + | CPU Support - 64bit Intel

Download - loads-of-folders-269.zip

Loads of Folders 3.0+ drops support for macOS 10.7 Lion. Please use this version if your macOS version is 10.7 Lion and you cant upgrade to a newer macOS. Since Loads of Folders versions before v4 are now free please use the below serial number to register.

Registration details

Username - User

Serial Number - LOF42339242DMSS


✏️ I'm David McKeitch, a sound recordist and sound designer based in Glasgow, Scotland with over 15 years of experience working on various styles of projects.


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